Davis Marine Consulting Associates LLC Maritime Consultants

Consultant Information


Gregory T Davis, Principal 

Mr. Davis formed DMCA LLC Maritime Consulting in June of 2018.

He formerly was Senior Managing Consultant with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi) and Director of the Marine Practice Group. Mr. Davis has over 40 years' experience as a professional marine surveyor and investigator, and as the founder and President of Davis and Company, the nation's leading marine survey and loss investigation firm. He is also an internationally recognized expert in marine forensics and marine survey His firm offers professional services to a wide variety of clients, for investigations related to marine accidents that range from recreational and commercial watercraft design and loss evaluations to marina operations. Mr. Davis is a Fire and Explosion Investigator certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators, and a Marine Surveyor certified by the National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc., Special Expert on NFPA 303 “Marinas and Boatyards”, and is NTSB training certified in Marine Accident Investigation. 

He is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), serving on their O-45 Fire Protection and Safety Panel and Chair of the MF10 Small Boat Forensics Panel. He is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), having served on their Board of Directors and currently on the Technical Board, and other professional organizations.

John (Jack) D Flaig, MEng, MBA, Associate Consultant

Mr. Flaig retired from Outboard Marine Corporation as Vice-President Engineering. His duties at OMC included Johnson and Evinrude outboards and recreational boat builders owned by OMC. He was instrumental in development of the two-cycle outboards currently in use. He has served on various industry boards and committees including the NMMA board and the ABYC Board. He served in the US Navy in the engineering division with responsibly in managing ship repair and new construction.

Chris D Barry, PE, Associate Consultant

Mr. Barry has worked at a number of small shipyards, a prime weapon system defense contractor, and various design consultancies in ship and boat design, construction, offshore oil systems, high speed marine propulsion systems and armored amphibious vehicle design, in California, Washington State, Virginia, Maryland and the UK.  

He is an author of the SNAME Hann Award winning paper in ship production in 1997 and have written numerous other papers.  Mr. Barry has two patents in high speed marine vehicle systems and one pending in wave energy conversion. 

He has taught courses in small craft stability and propulsion at IBEX and other venues, . holds certificates in ship corrosion assessment from NACE, and marine standards from ABYC. He has been trained in Level 1 boat accident investigation from NASBLA. He is a member of NACE and ABYC.

Mr. Barry is a SNAME fellow, chairs the Small Craft Technical and Research Panel (T&R), serves on the 0-36 ship economics panel, SD-3 Stability panel and other SNAME panels. He is experienced in Aluminum ship building, Ship design, hydrodynamics, surface piercing propulsion systems, and offshore oil platforms.

GOAT Forensics, Ken Smith, MSE, Associate Consultant

Ken Smith, formerly with Engineering Systems, Inc. (ESi), formed GOAT Forensics in May of 2019. He indicates he got the idea for the name from his days at the US Naval Academy and their mascot, Bill the Goat. GOAT is also an acronym for the fundamental role of a forensic consultant: 

· Gathering information, 

· Organizing the information and practices,

· Analyzing the facts using engineering and science, and 

· Testing the facts, and Testimony.

Ken has been a practicing consulting expert for over 20 years handling industrial safety, mechanical, and marine matters. He is a graduate of the USNA with a BS in Naval Architecture and a MSE (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) from the University of Michigan. When actively serving in the USN Ken worked in shipyards and at project offices doing ship design, repair and construction; marine salvage ; diving, and  ship maintenance management.  Ken has also worked consulting on on waterfront safety matters, rigging, crane heavy lift, cargo, allision and collision, crew and passenger injuries, cargo handling facilities, and other marine related matters over the years. He has consulted on marine construction and repair disputes between owners and contractors, and on industrial safety issues at shipyards and other industrial facilities.

Gregory Davis, formerly Director of the Marine Practice Group at Engineering Systems, Inc (ESi) supervised Ken in marine matters. Greg has over 40 years of experience in recreational, commercial hull, shipyard and marina, and allision, collision matters.